This Is Not The Natzilla You’re Looking For

For a while now I’ve noticed this empty blog of mine has been accumulating followers. It’s up to 55, which seems high for a blog with zero content. Does everyone really love my awesome profile picture? No, probably not, and the question finally compelled me to google “Natzilla” in search of answers. 

Well shit. Here I thought I was the only genius whose name begins with “Nat” who decided to tack “zilla” on the end and use it as a fantastic screen name. Now I find out that the chick who works on Adventure Time is the most wildly popular Natzilla (or “Natazilla”) on the internet. You were probably looking for her when you started following me. You left out the extra A. You can’t spell and you should be ashamed. Here is the link:

The next most popular Natzilla on the internet appears to be a chick living in Norway who is into Yaoi. That is also not me. Just wanted to put that out there, in case that’s what you were here for. It ain’t happening.

I basically generate no content under this name. I usually use it to play games. I’ve been camping it for years, and I also own, which is also currently empty. I feel like that makes me legit somehow. I should start posting crap here, and start working my way up the Natzilla ladder… maybe I’ll start posting my own comics and just let the confusion grow….